Digital Trend Guide - die Digitaltrend Studie 2023

Future opportunities 2023

The GROW Digital Trend Guide:

in the middle of the future today.

So, have you chatted with artificial intelligence today? Or are you getting inspired for lunch via an app while working from home and then trying on the latest spring collection virtually because the latest newsletter from your favourite brand had offers that suited you perfectly?

The future is not only approaching relentlessly, it has long been here and permeates our digital everyday life with new innovations on an almost daily basis. But what will come tomorrow, what has potential – and who can still keep track of it all? We at GROW Digital Group, of course. Together with our trend researchers, we have compiled and analysed the strongest ideas from the relevant categories Tech & Data, Communication & Touchpoints as well as Brand Awareness and Employer Branding for the GROW Digital Trend Guide 2023. What opportunities will today’s digital trends bring for you and your company tomorrow and what concrete solutions for digital business models do we recommend to you? You can ask us any time – guaranteed with real human contact. But for now, we hope you enjoy browsing.

Get on the road to the future with GROW.

Discover our 3 top trend categories.

Data is the field in which the future is decided for many. What you can do with it and what new opportunities automation offers, show our trends around marketing and workflow automation, new ecosystem architectures and first party data management.

Are you already using all the possibilities of digital communication to bind customers to your brand? In our trends from the areas of virtual commerce, agile customer interaction, deep engagement and personalised content, you can discover how, where and with what you can address, inspire and retain individuals today.

Does your company live by new work and benefit from strong employer branding? The trends of purpose-driven organisation and new work show you what the working world of today and tomorrow looks like and how companies and brands can distinguish themselves beyond their regular mission.

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