Und was kaufe ich heute? Instacart hat die Antwort.

And what do I buy today? Instacart has the answer.

Shopping for groceries online is often like choosing movies on Netflix: so many options, so little inspiration – and in the end you end up watching the first season of Friends for the fifth time or just ordering milk, Coke and frozen pizza again. Instacart breaks the monotony and creates a whole new shopping experience with curated shopping carts and star power to get ideas.

The world is your shopping cart

What if your app enables grocery delivery and pickup services in thousands of cities across the U.S. and Canada, but people still don’t know what to cook tomorrow? To answer this humanity question, U.S. delivery service Instacart has launched a feature called “Carts,” which offers user:ins shopping carts with curated products. In the process, consumers will be shown thematic “carts” that match “Game Day” or “Self Care Sunday,” for example.

Snacking with the stars

According to Instacart, the feature is aimed at combating uninspired food searches – we suspect successfully! But that’s not all: shopping baskets put together by celebrities and traders are also planned. The first is a cart presented by musician Lizzo. The platform has also launched “Instacart Tastemakers,” a program that rewards creators when their fans order through Instacart. We’re spontaneously excited and wonder which German stars and starlets we’d love to have curate our shopping.