Meine Gesundheitsdaten? Verkaufe ich einfach selbst!

My health data? I just sell myself!

Data – a real goldmine. Welcome to digital marketing. Anyone who also thinks that not only others should always earn money with their personal data urgently needs to take a look at this trend.

Consent as a service.

“We’re Promoting Privacy™” – that’s the claim of the US start-up, where they firmly believe that our data is our property. Was there any doubt about that? Well., at least, aims to enable users of its app to sell medical information by connecting them with businesses and organizations in a “consent as a service” model.

My data, my rules.

Everyone knows that if the app costs nothing, you are the product. Many companies offer free apps in exchange for data, but so far the market is not regulated by law. has launched the “ClubPrivate” service, which aims to offer brands and consumers fairer conditions for self-determined data trading.

With AI to the data deal.

Artificial intelligence paves the way to successfully monetize your own health data:’s AI-based software creates, reads, understands and compares the legal language in data-related contracts that govern the handling of data between multiple companies. The opportunity: Institutions can use’s software to restore trust and transparency in digital technologies.

The right to digital property.

So if you’re looking for a way to recoup the cost of that fancy smartwatch, you may soon be able to generate a nice passive income with’s app – the market will take care of that. itself has nothing less than a vision of humanity adopting the 31st human right “Everyone has a property right to their data” and is supporting a petition to that effect.