Our brainpower transforms wishes into digital solutions.

GROW Digital Group is a strong agency network with the right partners for your successful digital strategy. We offer you the combined digital expertise of a team of highly specialised digital communications agencies and technology companies, who can be brought on board for you if you wish. As true partners, we understand your business, think entrepreneurially and share our values and knowledge – with each other and with you. Thanks to digital trend research, we have an eye on the future and are growing into areas that will be important for you tomorrow, always sustainable in thought and deed. So you can be sure that we always have the right people with clever ideas doing everything to ensure your digital growth. There are lots of us, but we always act as one: with the right solution. We are GROW.

We know what's coming.

GROW Digital Group is your ticket to the digital future: Thanks to permanent digital trend research, we know which experts you will need tomorrow and expand our areas of expertise accordingly.

Tamina Normann

We see you as a partner.

We see ourselves as a partner, not a service provider. As all part of GROW agencies are individual, independent, businesses.

Beatrix Krämer

There are lots of us.

GROW Digital Group is a strong team of digital and communications agencies and technology companies, each a true expert with a focus on their field. And we are constantly expanding the group with new, promising technology partners and service providers.

Ahmed Elmi

We always act as one: The right solution.

Depending on your wishes and requirements, 2, 3 or even more of our specialists can be brought on board and ensure optimum results in a self-coordinated manner.

Francesco Pascariello

At GROW Digital Group, “family” is not just a phrase: We share our values, our knowledge and our skills – with each other and with you. For enormously fast response times and exemplary use of resources. Our group purchasing also ensures cost efficiency.

Jan Schmid

We sustainably ensure a better future.

Not only committed to the future on a digital level: As GROW Digital Group, we take responsibility for the future viability of our society and set out on our journey. The goal: To establish sustainability as the core of corporate governance.

Kaja Schneider

We have a common goal.

We focus on your future and have a common goal: Your digital growth. Our constantly growing, interdisciplinary team guarantees you holistic support across all our skills.

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