Das Social Network für Wissensdurstige.

The social network for those with a thirst for knowledge.

Social networks are both a blessing and a curse. No matter what you actually wanted on the platform: Distraction is everywhere, and instead of deep inspiration and connection, you often only find superficial gossip and cat content. Fortunately, everything is different now with Whyzzer.

Share experience, gain expertise.

The Hamburg-based start-up Whyzzer, whose founders are supported by Hollywood star Kelly Rutherford, has dedicated its social media platform of the same name entirely to wisdom. Unlike Instagram or TikTok, Whyzzer is not about sharing fun memes, but knowledge, expertise and experience.

Wise Guys and Gals only.

In addition to sharing, Whyzzer is designed to provide a safe place to absorb the knowledge of others. Because instead of eternal flame wars and shitstorms, curious people will find a like-minded community here that supports them in their personal growth. True to the motto, “Be curious and get wiser.”

AI for the personal learning journey.

To make this possible, Whyzzer enables its users to prepare interesting facts in a compact way, to share them in the form of videos, podcasts and articles, and to consume them. And if that’s not enough, artificial intelligence kicks in the wisdom turbo: Whyzzer’s AI will soon help those with a thirst for knowledge learn more individually and efficiently than ever before by helping them ask the right questions to the right people. Currently, interested parties can register for a pre-access account.

We are thrilled. Although we at GROW Digital Group already know exactly who to ask when it comes to digital marketing trends: Us!