Volle Tube: KI kreiert kreative Ketchup-Kampagne.

Full tube: AI creates creative ketchup campaign.

Heinz ketchup? Sure, that’s the red, bulbous bottle. When brands and products are so closely intertwined that images are immediately generated in the mind, this is also a good hook for artificial intelligence. Heinz Ketchup proves with a witty brand campaign that there is only one true ketchup. Ready for the AI trend? Let’s squeeze…

Artistic or artificial? Why not both?!

Do you know the “ketchup bottle effect”? Soccer fans know: That’s when nothing goes right at first and then suddenly things start to go right – every shot is a hit. US food manufacturer Heinz is now also using this for an advertising campaign: ketchup bottle effects, but from AI. Creatively briefed via prompting, OpenAI’s artistic AI DALL-E 2 drew its interpretation of the iconic bottle in countless new, unseen looks: ketchup renaissance, ketchup street art, or ketchup outer space? Everything is possible. The AI bottle designs looked so similar to the original bottle, however, that only one conclusion could be drawn for the campaign claim: “Even AI knows that Ketchup is Heinz.” A charming testament to the power of great brands.

Delicious topping: text-to-image generation.

DALL-E 2 is a game changer for the marketing industry for content creation because the tool can create original, realistic images and graphics from a text description, combining concepts, attributes and styles. In the process, the relationships between images and descriptive text can also be established and – as with “Heinz” – images can be generated en masse in multi-layered variance.

AI becomes creation. In-house.

No way, real creativity is still made by real people. Nevertheless, text-to-image generation can provide great inspiration and quickly realize visualizations, especially in the creation process, whether in mood board creation or the first scribble.
What the AI proves in the Heinz case? That the hunger for images and curiosity about this type of visualization is great. GROW Digital Group is definitely squeezing out the last drop of opportunity within this trend for you. Will text-to-image generation become the indispensable seasoning sauce in marketing? Let’s clarify at a French fry barrier.