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Iss was, Doc? Uber Eats liefert Ärzt:innen.

Marketing Automation – Low Code / No Code, AI Assistance Optimizes Legacy Code

Legacy Code: Rejoice in the Legacy Thanks to AI.

Legacy Code – wuhaaa! At this moment, at least 80 percent of the developers and programmers reading this trend are holding their breath. But don’t worry, even here your friend and helper the AI can assist you in taking the horror out of it. Effective work with legacy code is possible – it is allowed to take a breath.

Code with more legacy than your Tinder profile.

“Never-Change-A-Running-System” is not a coincidence, because having to face the end opponent legacy code is simply thankless: The “legacy code” can become a real show stopper for many a project when the developed code of previous teams has to be understood in order to avoid erroneous changes or chain reactions. This costs a lot of time and money and makes rapid restructuring de facto impossible. We’d better not even start talking about “clean code”.

Highly attractive: extraction of key information via AI.

AI to the rescue! Language Lens is the name of the tool that can help programmers and analysts to enjoy life more in the future: Language Lens scans the source code, after which information about the functionalities, affiliations as well as potential errors are extracted and well prepared in various formats, which then facilitate one’s further development in a low-code approach. The AI engine promises 40% savings in modernization times, resulting in shorter integration times that save on maintenance and support costs in the long run.

Effectiveness is programmed here.

Wherever error correction and code quality are top priorities, Language Lens AI can become a real team player and simplify work processes enormously. For us digital natives in the GROW Digital Group, this tool is therefore a real discovery. Crystal clear micro-level classifications made for tech and business – uhhh yes, that’s where Language Lens directly raises our tech heart rate.

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