KI mit Blick für Mode

AI with an eye for fashion.

More and more offers, ever faster collection changes: the modern fashion industry is full of challenges for consumers and suppliers. After all, each individual item not only has to satisfy critical eyes while shopping, but also has to be comprehensively keyworded and entered into online stores. With its AI, Pixyle is now making the world easier for everyone.

Fashion, now even faster

Better product filters for a more seamless shopping experience thanks to Pixyle: The Dutch startup has developed image recognition software for fashion items. With the AI-based software, the entire product image catalog can be quickly scanned and analyzed. Product features in fashion images are automatically identified and tagged with so-called rich fashion attributes. This allows, for example, products to be found more easily in an online e-commerce store, SEO to be improved through image meta tags, and shopping trends to be identified more easily.

Scan your look

Out of 62,514 shirts, which one is just like the one you’re wearing today and what pants go with it? This is where the visual search function of Pixyle’s AI comes in handy: This can be used to mark specific sections of images in order to receive product suggestions based on them.
Plus, it’s a perfect match for IT: Pixyle says the software can be easily integrated into any tech stack and is up and running within a week. This is how order comes into every virtual closet!