Profit steckt in der kleinsten Nische.

Profit is in the smallest niche.

When it comes to financial participation in social media, for most users it’s: It’s a big club and you’re not in it. Niche is now turning the tables and reinventing social media with a decentralized social content platform based on a token economy.

Your community is yours.

Niche is an ad-free, decentralized social media platform consisting of interest-based clubs in numerous categories, for example, travel, technology, fashion, media, wellness or food. The highlight is that the members of the non-communities act as shareholders, i.e. they are co-owners of the community – similar to employees who own company options or shares. Club members can own and sell their own content on the platform. Niche generates revenue through transaction fees instead of advertising.

Are you still coming to the club for a token?

Thus, the Niche platform fulfills the Web3 promise of decentralized ownership. Engagement and content creation are rewarded with tokens. Each club member receives unique membership cards that unlock events, discussions and more, which can be bought and sold for real money. It sounds complicated at first, but it’s implemented in an absolutely user-friendly way, so no prior knowledge of blockchain or NFTs is necessary.

Love instead of Likes.

Another special feature of Niche is the absence of the usual vanity metrics like friends, followers and likes. Because members must actively engage in this way, rather than simply liking posts, a more personal connection can be achieved within communities. The pressure on members from competition for likes and followers is eliminated.
Niche is backed by Christopher Gulczynski, co-founder and CPO of Bumble as well as co-founder, CCO and co-inventor of Tinder’s patented “swipe” feature, and Zaven Nahapetyan, previously senior engineering manager at Facebook, among others.

Do you also have an interest that you would like to discuss in a profitable way? Then get on the app and get into the niche!