Good advertising leaves no traces.

In the past, successful advertising simply cost money, time and nerves. Today, people are also looking at the cost to the environment. And because producing a lot of hot air online can rut you quite a notch in the carbon credits, there is an urgent need for solutions that can reduce CO2-footprint of its digital emissions.

From the digital ether into the real atmosphere.

The world of digital advertising can be really nebulous sometimes. DoubleVerify provides much-needed clarity and confidence in one’s digital investments: The digital marketing company aims to make the digital advertising ecosystem stronger, safer and more reliable, helping brands improve the effectiveness of online advertising. But because every single ad, every mail, and every click consumes energy along the way, DoubleVerify is now introducing a method on its analytics platform to measure theCO2 emissions of digital campaigns.

Ready for decarbonization.

DoubleVerify is partnering with Scope3 to do just that: The specialists in decarbonizing media and advertising are developing a system for recording the end-to-end emissions of the digital advertising cycle. The method includes power consumption in real-time bidding, machine learning, and identity management, for example. With the help of detailed reporting, advertisers and agencies will be able to determine which parts of the digital value chain have contributed to campaign emissions and to what extent.

After all, we like to win awards for our work quite often – it’s cool when we can now also show that the price for success in terms of emissions was not too high.