Recommendation platform with fully comprehensive power.

Ever noticed that every car insurance is supposedly always the cheapest, where you can save a lot by comparing? Constant competition and bait-and-switch slogans bring everything but differentiation. Startup Trellis is now helping fintech partners deepen customer:ing engagement and create new revenue streams with its end-to-end API platform, Savvy.

Compare. Trust. Simplify.

Savvy has the Vs in its name and the benefits in its DNA – make smarter insurance decisions easily and securely.
Integrated via application programming interface (API), the recommendation platform helps to find the right policy. In doing so, you can instantly compare and purchase car insurance policies within a partner’s app or website. To compare an existing policy with possible alternatives, all you have to do is enter your insurance login. Cancel directly and sign up for a better rate? The traffic light is green!

So, with this tool, Savvy offers a complete end-to-end digital experience, including online partner engagement. Conversion rates? Go through the roof like your post after a fender bender.

It pays to step on the gas.

At least for Trellis,
because the $250 billion U.S. auto insurance market spends more than $40 billion on sales and marketing alone – primarily on lucrative sales commissions, which Savvy’s turnkey platform gives partners access to. Then let the clutch come slowly …

And Mr. Kaiser?

Hamburg-Mannheimer showed the way back in 1972: insurance is a matter of trust.
And trust in a recommendation platform also has to be built up first. For this, Savvy relies on tradition in real life: real human advice. Savvy’s nationally licensed insurance agents:inside are just a call or chat message away. Once successfully integrated, Savvy acts as a strategic partner, providing clear strategies, content and support to increase user:ing engagement, conversion and revenue. An all-rounder interface. Thank you, Mr. Kaiser. Ummm Savvy.