Dreamspark: TV-Träume mit künstlicher Intelligenz.

Dreamspark: TV dreams with artificial intelligence.

Surely you know it too, the weekend beckons with free time and the flicker box winks at you – time for series. So far so good, but the fact that the AI will also be responsible for your favorite series in the future and become part of your series Sundays might still be new. So let’s say: AI? And action!

Listen to who’s hammering!

Knock, knock, the film industry is hammering real nails into the TV landscape with artificial intelligence: Paris-based production company Dreamspark is currently developing and producing TV formats with the help of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the virtual scriptwriter, successful new TV formats are to be created entirely without the classic script. The company itself writes, “AI has already helped write pop ballads and imitate the styles of great painters. At Dreamspark, we’re combining our creativity with the computational power of AI to find smarter ways to create formats and understand programming decisions.” The multi-talented AI also helps the production company to respond to the needs of the viewers. The first prototype will be launched soon.

Cast almost!

For the experts at GROW Digital Group, this development comes as no surprise, as the film industry has been supported by AI in terms of efficiency for some time now. When planning shooting schedules, searching for suitable locations or organizing film material – filmmaking becomes a matter for the boss of the artificial all-rounder.
Jean Reno or Gérard Depardieu? Are epochal movie scenes playing in your head right now? You can stop this, because this decision is no longer made according to personal taste, but calculated exactly. Using a wealth of data on performances and audience reactions, the virtual caster finds top performers in no time at all.