Iss was, Doc? Uber Eats liefert Ärzt:innen.

Eat what, Doc? Uber Eats delivers doctors:inside.

If you’re flat at home, you can now order medical care to go with your soothing chicken soup: Delivery service giant Uber Eats is now not only delivering delicious food, but is also closing gaps in healthcare provision in a Portuguese pilot project.

Health? Delivered!

What would you like? Sushi, burgers or the family doctor? No joke, but the order of the day in Portugal: The meal delivery platform Uber Eats is expanding its portfolio to include health services and bringing doctors to people’s homes. The mediation of medical services is a pilot project in which not only telephone and video consultations with medical professionals, but also home visits can be added to the shopping cart with a single click.

Digitization of everyday services.

Recipes instead of menus? Exactly! However, Uber is only in the facilitator role and only brings the tool to the table. The platform is not involved in the execution of the appointments, nor in the processing or use of sensitive patient:in data. The “Doctor at Home” function is currently only available in Lisbon and the surrounding area, and customers will have to pay for the medical delivery service themselves for the time being. With 80 € for the home visit and 20 € for a video or telephone consultation, you are in. Of course, you can also order pharmacy products via the delivery service.
Insiders know: The 24/7 service came about in cooperation with Portuguese company Ecco-Salva Medical Services, which specializes in home or remote healthcare services.
More, please: Additional services can be easily adapted and the portfolio of delivery services scaled seemingly “without limits”. In the future, nurses and physical therapists will be on the Uber Eats delivery list. Unfortunately, this medical “umami bomb” is not (yet) planned for Germany.

Scalability: Deliver without limits.

You wonder what we like? Opportunities for a wide variety of industries, because the topic of ecosystem architecture via delivery service and app does not stop at medical professionals. In our minds we put the backrests of the van upright and already have ideas for opticians and hearing aid acousticians, shopping consultants or even animal and personal coaches. We stay on trend and are hungry for more. You too?