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Sustainability at GROW Digital Group. You can download our sustainability strategy here:


We take responsibility for the future viability of our society and set out on our journey. The goal: To establish sustainability as the core of corporate governance.

GROW Digital Group has launched several projects as a commitment to employees and society. From family-friendly work and the exchange of knowledge to the planned construction of the climate-friendly GROW Campus in Osnabrück, we already have a whole range of projects to provide a better future. Our claim is to base our actions on a comprehensive and recognised understanding of sustainability. We have published numerous current and upcoming projects for this in the GROW position statement, which is part of the DNK (German Sustainability Code) declaration of NOZ/mh:n MEDIEN. GROW Digital Group is part of NOZ/mh:n MEDIEN, which as an umbrella brand, has published a DNK declaration for the reporting year 2022. The DNK is a reporting standard and was created by the “Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung” (council for sustainable development). It takes into account the multidimensionality of sustainability and includes responsibility for the climate and the environment, commitment to people and society as well as the task of doing business in a sustainable manner. We have published numerous current and upcoming projects for this in the GROW position statement. It is available for download here.

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