Branded Avatar: KI-gesteuerte Video-Avatar-Plattform

Wanted: uncomplicated model for videos. Found: flexible AI video avatar.

Moving images are king and an attractive speaker enhances every video enormously. The same goes for the costs, which can quickly go through the roof due to human models and expenses – and for the international adaptation, you end up with voiceovers or subtitles again. Or you can simply use an AI video avatar.

Great cinema for little money.

London-based software startup Synthesia has developed an AI video avatar platform that makes it easy to access professional videos in multiple languages via text input.The company uses AI technology for visual chatbots to create product demonstrations and sales videos for enterprise customers. The avatars used look deceptively similar to real people.

Beautiful words from a retort.

Synthesia users can turn a text or slide deck presentation directly into a video with a talking avatar and custom backgrounds. The platform has more than 100 avatars that you can mouth your content to. Synthesia supports more than 120 languages – unlike the uninitiated user:inside, who might be speechless in view of the possibilities. We say: Aaahhhvatar!