KI vereint Food und Technologie für bessere Ernährung.

AI combines food and technology for better nutrition.

Hach, broccoli, we love you. Eating a really all-around healthy and balanced diet every day is just tremendously beneficial and we really so don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just do that … because it’s hard, okay? Now it’s about to get a little easier, at least for Portuguese people, with Clevermeal’s new AI-based app.

Clevermeal instead of Happy Meal.

You know very well that it is not good for you and you eat it anyway? You will have your reasons. For many people, however, the challenge of good nutrition already lies at the information level. That’s why Portuguese startup Clevermeals now wants to “democratize” knowledge of and access to healthy and planet-friendly foods, and has developed an AI-based app to do so. It is designed to help people make better food choices and develop healthier eating habits.

No Dave, I can’t let you eat that.

Does the eye of the AI then eat along and count the bites into our mouths? No, it’s not there yet. In fact, Clevermeal’s AI takes the hassle out of the process and does its best to make it taste good: The app includes a blog with regular nutrition news and a digital recipe book with a meal planner and shopping list: Three food content authors provide the platform with new recipes and lifestyle testimonials on a weekly basis. The algorithm in the background of the app also takes into account the preferences of the user and makes suitable dietary suggestions. It also displays shopping options in the immediate vicinity that promise healthy food.

Welcome to the foodtech revolution!

Clevermeal calls it the “foodtech revolution.” At GROW Digital Group, we call it pretty smart because it uses a lot of artificial intelligence expertise to apply machine learning models in a way that can benefit consumers, brands and retailers alike.