More automation, less packaging waste.

At GROW Digital Group, too, conscience eats with us. That’s why we’re happy when smart logistics simply ditches unnecessary packaging – forever. Are you joining us? And above all: What can you be picked up with in the future?

Was wir heute davon mitnehmen können …

Take-away food enjoys unbroken popularity. On the other hand, growing mountains of packaging waste are unfortunately not at all popular. That’s why a new law has been in effect in Germany since January 2023: restaurants are required to offer reusable packaging for takeaway food. This is where German startup Vytal comes in, providing a diverse selection of reusable “tableware” for any type of food. From soup to sushi to burgers. When the containers are handed out to the customers, a QR code is simply scanned and the containers can then be returned within 14 days – again with a QR code scan.

… and bring something back.

The smart thing about Vytal’s reusable system is that the containers can be returned not only to the place where they were taken – but to all partners. These can be found via the associated app. An AI protocol also evaluates the collection and return behavior of the currently more than 300,000 users, so that enough containers are available at the right place at all times.

At GROW Digital Group, we find out every day what else can be tracked, redistributed and used more intelligently – and not just for the food industry, by the way. Well, how do you like it?

At last: Trend wisdom from us to you – reusable is not a one-way street.