With data turbo to more conversions per hour.

At GROW Digital Group, we ask ourselves every day how we can put customers in the fast lane. The new car comparison portal carwow has done the same and is pointing the way to Insights for car dealers. Next exit: success!

Hey man, here’s your car.

“Oh my, no one understands me” – moping around can be fun, but when it comes to buying a car, it would be quite an advantage if we could get the right offer as soon as we walk through the door or the online portal. To make this a reality, carwow’s AI platform Re:infer determines the willingness of potential online car buyers to buy. This “Conversational Data Intelligence Platform” evaluated 4.35 million carwow customer messages to analyze the purchase intentions for a car – what a chassis, so you like to take the next turn and shift up two gears.

Make fewer laps, take the exit faster.

However, the implications for anyone who wants faster – and more importantly, mutually satisfying – conversions for their store are not hard to see.

The exemplary Re:infer from carwow identifies more than 120 different “intentions” as well as the responses from dealers that are most likely to lead to a conversion. Dealer partners can use customized analyses to improve the customer experience, increase the efficiency of their sales processes and boost their conversion rates. Oh yes: “The speed limit is lifted from here on”.

A magic cheat sheet for the sales pitch – made just for us. One way or another.