Riecht nach Personalisierung: B2B-Plattform für alle Details.

Smells like personalization: B2B platform for all details.

Attention, superlatives: Firmenich is the world’s largest privately held flavor and fragrance company. The Swiss company is all about boundless enthusiasm of its consumers, absolute identification of needs and groundbreaking developments. Stop, this is where we like to step in for a moment, because the giant has pulled off another coup with the launch of Firmenich Studios: The personalized B2B platform offers access to the most detailed product information at a whole new level. We like to take a whiff of that.

Custom fragrance and flavor creations now go click, click, click.

Eau to the joy! Head and base are not only essential components of a successful perfume, the development of novel personalized customer platforms also requires know-how and passion. Firmenich has incorporated both in its development to make the creation of individual fragrances or tastes smarter, faster and easier for its customers. The networked platform is intended to become a one-stop shop for all customers’ needs and provide access to exclusive and inspiring market trends. From regulatory documentation to comprehensive product catalogs, information is made accessible. But that’s not all, every visitor can easily start projects digitally. It helps that detailed product information can be accessed, updates on projects can be communicated, and sample requests can be made directly online. “Guided by a customer-centric obsession and commitment to delivering value, Firmenich Studio is designed to focus on the needs of our customers,” said Ilaria Resta, President Perfumery. We at GROW Digital Group think it’s just great.

Always following your nose – personalization as an opportunity.

Simplifying complex procurement processes and significantly increasing customer loyalty – this is possible if you pick up your customers where others leave them. A personalized collaboration platform, like the one Firmenich has launched, is a perfect way to stay close to the target audience and reduce barriers. Incidentally, with this personalized solution Firmenich remains true to its credo: We create positive emotions. We think this trend will last longer than any fragrance sample.