Kiss the chatbot, buy his lipstick.

There are people we would buy anything from. Jisoo from Blackpink is one of them. So it’s no wonder that Christian Dior chose the likeable K-pop singer from South Korea as its brand ambassador and ran a WhatsApp campaign with her for Dior lipsticks – with the help of chatbots.

We don’t buy it, we request it.

The fact that we can simply talk to chatbots about products online today is pretty great in and of itself. But how do you know what people want to hear from chatbots? Well, you just ask them. Dior relied here on a panel that would make any:r market researcher:in moist eyes: A total of 9.6 million Instagram followers of Jisoo were invited to sign up for the group and select what kind of content they would like to receive.

Simulier mir mein K-Pop Idol!

A date to chat with Jisoo? This dream became reality with Dior, at least in simulation: The campaign was implemented using Infobip’s WhatsApp business solution. It enabled Dior to use chatbots to simulate automated conversations with Jisoo. Images, videos, files, web links, audio files and buttons were used to strengthen customer loyalty. And which superstar influencer would be the ideal chatbot template for your business?