Experiencing sports up close becomes virtual reality.

Do you want
Have your customers and those who are to become customers at the event – but have to relegate many to the online ranks due to lack of space? brandence and DialogData would like you to take a closer look …

In the thick of it instead of just being there.

Whether basketball or Nascar racing: perspectives and immersion that are usually only offered by video games can now also be selected for real sporting events. An experience as beautiful as (virtual) Real Madrid once was: Meta Quest has launched the Xtadium platform, a VR app developed with the help of cloud-based tech company VBVR. Xtadium offers fans the opportunity to experience their favorite sporting events from an immersive 180-degree perspective – in 8k resolution. It’s sweeping us off our feet!

Shaking your head together.

Not every couch stretches from Hamburg to London, so some sports fans rarely get to experience their favorite events together. With the Metaverse and Xtadium finally find a compromise for sporty technology enthusiasts.

Users can invite their friends to the Metaverse so that they can experience various sporting events together virtually. Eight camera angles can be selected, different viewing angles can be overlaid and real-time statistical updates can be accessed. If you want to be even closer to the sport, you have to do it yourself.