Upskilling: KI killed the Videoseminar.

Fast continuing education portioned to the point? There is usually little help in poring over a book or watching a 20-hour video seminar by generic “chin fliehmanns” who mostly just market themselves. It’s a pity when the colleague who found out exactly this one thing the other day doesn’t have time for all of them … Wait a minute.

“…what is called a pro gamer move.”

Anyone who uploads a video on YouTube of how they knocked off the difficult boss in the latest video game gets applause. Why not make a video of how to blow away the difficult boss in the latest pitch with the perfect use of web design tools? BÄM! The US start-up Dubble has developed the software of the same name, which observes all of the user’s work steps and automatically translates their actions into written step-by-step instructions, videos and screenshots. As soon as you finish recording, the AI assistant has already compiled perfectly orchestrated training material from what has happened. The question: “Who will prepare this now?” has thus become more than superfluous – YEAH!

Learn & like, share & caren.

Descriptions, markups, redactions and screenshots can be quickly edited at any time and shared with one click. Dubble is best suited for support, operations, and product teams that are standardizing, scaling, and sustaining their best practices. So why keep uploading TikTok dances when you can help your colleagues in such an inspiring way? Without having to breathe over their shoulder at the monitor – simply as upskilling influencers who get likes and hearts.