Sustainability at the GROW Digital Group

Misc | 07.08.2021

We take responsibility for the future viability of our society and are on our way. The goal: to establish sustainability at the heart of our corporate management.

The GROW Digital Group has launched several projects as a commitment to employees and society. From family-friendly work and knowledge sharing to the planned construction of the climate-friendly GROW Campus in Osnabrück, we already have a whole range of projects designed for a brighter future.

Our aspiration is to underpin a comprehensive and recognised understanding of sustainability in all our actions. We have published numerous current and upcoming projects for this in the GROW position paper, which is part of the DNK declaration of NOZ mh:n MEDIEN. The GROW Digital Group is part of NOZ mh:n MEDIEN, which as an umbrella brand has published a DNK statement for the reporting year 2019.

The DNK (German Sustainability Code) is a reporting standard and was created by the German Council for Sustainable Development. It takes into account the multidimensionality of sustainability and includes climate and environmental responsibility, commitment to people and society as well as the task of running a sustainable business.

We have published numerous current and upcoming projects on this in the GROW position paper. It is available for download here.

The GROW Digital Group is an agency network comprising 12 companies across eight locations and altogether 300 employees.

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